In The Library

I used to work in a library many years ago so I am quite at home in one. I love the smell of books as much as I love the raw hot passionate smell of sex. I love to feel their pages between my fingers as I caress their folds and the pages tease my mind. I love the stimulating foreplay the words within give my mind.  Whew sorry.. for a moment I thought i was in the library.
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10 Responses May 11, 2011

I drink a lot of tea Iam<br />
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LOL Whispers... renew that library card.

I need to visit the library now.

that is awesome. i am not sure my guy even knows I was a librarian but I guess he will if he reads this. lol

Wow... a sexy librarian.... my favorite! When my wife and I were meeting up for the first time after not seeing each other for over 15 years, she told me she was going to be dressed like a librarian. When I first saw her, I walked up and whispered in her ear... "You don't look like any librarian I've ever seen". We've been together ever since. Thanks for the memory!

thanks dc.

You do have a way of making something simple and familiar feel so erotic...sooooo fungirlmmm ;) dc

Aww thanks Max. I just love my library card lol.

Only you Fungirl, can take something so simple and weave it into a tapestry of smoldering desire that steps off the pages of the written word like a Cleopatra walking among mens that crave her...<br />
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I bow before your presents...<br />
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I don't think I would like it either SM.