It's One Of My Favorite Things!

I hate when people talk about how no one will use libraries anymore because of the internet and new technology! There is something different and so satisfying about reading a book, turning pages, viewing inked words, and seeing the book cover. I will never stop using the library as long as it's still around (hopefully forever), and I hope that others feel the same way so that it doesn't go away for "lack of use". Also, besides books, it's an excellent resource for free media and other research.

One last thing; I believe that libraries should have many comfy areas to read in. I went to a different library this summer and even though it was a library, you got the feeling that it wasn't mainly for reading. There were lots of computers and DVDs but no where to sit!! It was disappointing... Let's keep books strong!
SaphyrePrincess SaphyrePrincess
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2011

Oh yes, the way that public libraries are going into is a very disappointing one... from offering the public commercial junk nowadays it leads directly to offering the libraries up to direct sponsorships by private companies... rent a book and buy a cheeseburger is really the future with the mentality that's loose upon the public library sector... Val :-(

Ahhhhh! There is nothing in the world like the smell of a book! Whether it be old or much to be learned..........and it cannot get lost in cyber-space!