Museum Of Books

My sister goes to the mall...

...I go to the library...a museum of books..

There are masterpieces of creation in libraries...

People who have limited funds don't have to aacrifice their love of reading...

Libraries can be a place of's quiet, peaceful...

Lose yourself within the pages of a fine author's imagination.
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1 Response Jun 17, 2012

Very nicely put!! Libraries have been the best places where i have spent time when i was young!! When i lived in the USA, i got access to some of the best public libraries...<br />
I always want to go to Chennai, India and spend time in Connemara Library to read all the rare books there!! Hopefully, one day!!<br />
<br />
I also have a small library at home with around 800 books ranging from comics to management to spirituality :)