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The Library Is My Safe Place

It's a place of endless new friends & adventures. A place where you can give your mind a break with the power of silence & renew it again with the strength of words. A place where the smell of paper has grown strong & become enticing. A place where you can be relaxed & fully engaged at the same time.
A place, the only place where books are a necessity without burden.
JaneGirl7 JaneGirl7 18-21, F 4 Responses Oct 22, 2012

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Nice perspective. I love to go to the library--each visit, and each branch is a new adventure!

Great story, Joy. It's always nice to read a good/favorite book during your spare time.

I couldn't agree more :]

Hi, I just love your story. I used to go to the library 2 times a week and it was very a special time, for me, reading mags and researching, my interests. like you, going to the library was akin, to going to church......I regret to inform you, that after i discovered the Internet, that trips to the library, are far and few, between.......Thank you, for reminding, where is that card.......

You know, you're right! ... The library is a my sanctuary. Wandering the aisles of books to see what catches your fancy ... and best of all, loitering is encouraged and it's all FREE!!! :-O

Ah, a fellow Library-holic as well? lol I agree, free, is very nice lol

Yeah, I'm trying to go cold turkey, but it's not working ...

how could you even try? O_o

I can't really ... how can anyone deny the smell of books, the quiet muffle of people whispering and pages turning, the beeping of books being checked out ... hummm ... ;)

*mind drools* lol

Hahaha! Never heard of mind drool before, lol ... But it sounds rather messy ... blech! :P

haha, it can be.

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