My Second Home...

To me, the library is a place to go for holidays and adventures you can't afford to go on in the real world.
Books give you possabilities and chances.
They increase your levels of imagination and make everything possible.
A library is quiet and peaceful, it's all in order, you can find gateways to anywhere.

The library in my school is my favourite place outside of my home and the town library. My school library is enough to occupy my time with new lives of characters and people I wish I could be. I get to be the characters, go on the quests and fight the creatures. It's my choice.

Writing a story is just as rewarding as reading one. Your book becomes adventures that will never happen in your life but you wish could. The main characters become your personality and the way you feel inside, the way you don't show but wish you could. The friends in it become characters in your dreams and affect your life the way you want it to.

Dreamers are always the best story writers, able to come up with the strangest of ideas and put them into words. To be able to paint pictures in the mind of a reader is more complicated than any art work I have ever done. To be able to influence someone's dreams and lives is a great achievment and something to be proud of. Dreams are the source of all creations and always will be.

Books were, are and will be the way to cope with life for all eternity. Books are life.

Sincerly, Tinx

Tinx110 Tinx110
Oct 26, 2012