Particularly Working In the Library

There is a library in the University I attend and I sincerely think that deep down that was a big draw for me continuing my education there.  It has large oak tables, and has this very strict hushed silence.  The odd cough, a page leafing over and my reading and work gets done in half the time.  The table is around 10 foot long and five foot wide and there are three of them in a row.  When there are no seats there, along the other floors there are little single cubby holes to study in, found at the end of hanging shelves.


I love to read through old books.  Think of all the times they have been taken out and how many people have read them before me.  I love finding all the books that I have put on my list for that piece of work- that is almost miraculous though.  However, since working here, I never get to go to the library anymore as we have the best library on my topic here and there are distractions, there are phones and the people wandering in are usually talking to me at the same time, and i can't sneak a peek in the literature section :)

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2 Responses Aug 27, 2008

That sounds wonderful! If I disappear from EP for a few months, it's because I've found your library.<br />
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Our college library has a devastating policy. They throw out any book not checked out within the past few years. They seem to think that if a book isn't used in a decade, it's not worth keeping.

Wonderful. All those books, the master and old books that colleges get. Wonderful.