I Often Wonder...

Who else has handled this book by its spine?

Who else has labored through its pages?

Who else has even considered this journey?

Whose long brown hair has been left in chapter 23?

Does anyone else excite at the aroma of communal literature and public knowledge?

Does anyone else's librarian know them by name and set aside odd books just on the chance they'd enjoy them?

How many pieces of myself have I trailed through these aisles?

How many of its pieces have been lost in me?

Is heaven a library with trees and hammocks?

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4 Responses Dec 21, 2008

Ahhhh I library w/ trees & a hammock.... now that is Nirvanna ;).

I have read a good book of 700 pages in 3 days!<br />
Now I struggle to read a 100 page story in 3 days!<br />
My eyes do not like me,<br />
Why are they so cruel to me??

I get that way all the time! It can also be fascinating if the previous person used their check-out slip as a bookmark and you can see what else s/he took out at the same time!

That's exactly how I feel when I pick up a new book *X*