Spamerikan Whyyy?

I don't feel like finishing this but it would be a waste to not put up somewhere.


And there we were all in one place
Poverty populace without grace
Barnes and Noble is overpriced
SO come on, get out your card, it's not hard
The Librarian shooshed without regard
Cause silence is the literary Christ

she was sayin
"shoosh, shoosh in the reference section."
I was tryin' ta find an encyclopedia
but the other students were high
and sayin, "Here's the definition of Hentai
Here's the real entry for Hentai."

I fought a square who stole the mousepad
And I really hoped it was just a fad
He just cried and called his mom
I went down to the used bookstore
Where I'd seen that loser weeks before
But the emo girl there seemed so withdrawn

in the aisles the manga kids sighed
For their dreams of sex had long since since died
But the stale air was not broken
For they still had second cousins....
and the librarian that I feared the worst
That fiend, that Twilight-immersed
She pursed and gave me her verse
far, far from the library

and she was sayin
"shoosh, shoosh in the ol' used bookstore
They might not be payin but i'm prayin
I don't hear your lip no more
and honors students are doin extra credit reports
saying, "the south states should need a passport."
"Folks from the south should need a passport."

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I like libraries.

haha that's great. i can't take credit though, they're words from a song i like. it's on my list of top favorite song lines and so i had to throw it up when it seemed appropriate

'there were never any good old days; they are today they are tomorrow. it's a stupid thing we say, cursing tomorrow with sorrow. GO!' [okay the go part is unnecessary here but it's staying because i like it]

It ain't like the good old days, and it never was.

Haha mousepad. I don't want to be at work.

The good old days for me were looking up books filed in the card catalogs all typed out in the Dewey Decimal System. That was a pain. Barnes and Noble meant the difference between peasant housing and English castles, and a mousepad was a place where furry little critters hung out and munched cheese.

Haha. I miss the good old days when all you needed were two forms of photo ID and your birth certificate.

Okay, I don't think you need a passport to go from Alabama to Georgia.<br />
But I'll go look it up at the library to be sure.

They get what they deserve.

something else almost entirely. and then some.

Plus, yes. Librarians are something else.

lol. ****. I wish facebook saved creepy stalkerish friend request messages. What the hell did I say to that poor girl?

Just thinking about em - I'm on fire

Librarians make me hot.

also dont let me comment things. i'm tired. you actually had me at barnes and noble

you had me at flaming bald eagle.