My 11 y/o Daughter Just Read This And I Am Amazed

I have loved this book for many years. My daughter had to do a book report and I suggested this as it is as much a children's story as anything ever written. She loved the wisdom of children that this book celebrates., She wrote a paragraph about the fox telling the Little Prince he is responsible for whatever he tames, he is responsible for his rose. She got that we are all responsible for our relationships. I was holding my HS English teacher’s tongue when there is a snake under and apple tree. She is not quite ready for too deep symbolism. Here concluding paragraph, she wrote that the theme was that our journey is just as important as where we arrive. I am so proud and pleased. She initially loved the idea of the book because it was only 91 pages. In the end she said the book was bigger in ideas than it was in pages. I made her promise me to read it when she is older so she too never forgets her childhood.
thykermit thykermit
51-55, M
Nov 29, 2012