Shopping For Workout Clothes

I just simply love buying and wearing workout clothes. On the weekends I only wear tight fitting yoga pants and tops. I go grocery shopping and to thrift stores wearing my outfits. Nothing is more comfortable and in my opinion sexier.
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5 Responses May 19, 2012

Love spandex. Mmmmm. Care to chat sometime?

Lets talk specifics! I love wearing capri-length running tights, such as the Compression line by UnderArmour and Lululemon Groove crops. They are amazingly comfortable, do great things for my butt, and are thick enough, that they only reveal a smallish unthreatening bulge, as opposed to a form screaming outline of my private parts that cheaper brands reveal

Is it ok to wear running tights at home and just out and about?

You can wear them any place and any time you like. Why let other people dictate what you can or cannot wear?!

Hey, I'm with you!!! I love wearing mine when out paying bills and shopping. Actually, I am online with a friend right now and we are making plans on meeting uptown for a walk about in our spandex. We will probably stop in for lunch somewhere also!!!<br />
I love watching people watch me!!!

It's has a nice look to it casual, comfortable and appealing to the eye