I havev had a fixation with tight clothing since i was a young boy, mostly spandex, lycra, and nylons. I grew up with three older sisters so there was never a shortage. Sometimes they even dressed me up. It has aleways been a huge turn one. Often even today i will wear multiple layers to enhance its compressive traits, i love so
Much i have worn it many times under my clothing,but fear any more because of its feminine stereo type . I would love to wear it more and bring it into my sex life but i am terified how my wife of 15 years might react. Cettainly she has suspisions? How do i get this out in the open???
spandexbaby spandexbaby
36-40, M
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

start with underwear, you can find spandex or lycra mens underwear in Wallmart

hi mate, i had a lot of lycra experiences as a boy too growing up, didnt like it at the time but now its all happy memories