Women With Slicked Back Hair

Omg, I have the mother of all fetishes regarding women with slicked back hair. I have always been intrigued and hugely excited to see a woman's hair super slick and shiny, glistening and calling to me. It arouses me to no end. Seriously. To smooth it back with the palm of my hand just takes me over the top. I also love to sniff the top and slickest part of the hair. I love to lick it with my tongue as well. Have been this way since I was 16. I Had a girlfriend who had this jet black super pin straight, Indian type hair. She'd often slick it back and I'd just marvel over it to no end. I used to do the kinkiest things to her slicked back hair; you can only imagine. I'm a mess. This fetish has stayed with me into adulthood. I'm always looking to examine the neatness and slickness of women I see with the slick hair. I just find it so yummy. Latin women seem to have this slick style down to a science, although, Kim Kardashian can slick it with the best of them. I'm so glad there's a forum to share my sexual fetish with others. Lets me know I'm not alone. Wondering if any women enjoy wearing their hair this way as a sexual expression that makes them feel sexier.
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Do you like slicked blonde hair?

Yes I love that. Is that how u wear yours?

I love slicked back hair on women. I love seeing it in a tight pulled back ponytail. The tighter the ponytail and the more slick the hair is, the more turned on I get. It is a huge fetish for me and I love slicking back my own hair.

Is this a picture of the top of your slick hair? It looks yummy. Would love to sniff it after you make it all slick. Am I bad?

Yes it is my hair slicked back :)

Total turn on to see slicked hair! Love to touch super slicked head with my hand, bury my nose and lips and feel the slickness. Can you share some recent experiences?

I agree with you, it's a total turn on to see it or touch it. I love combing the gel in over and over to get it just perfect

Love the slicked look too. So sexy. Wet look hair is definitely horny.
Would love to MsMaddie all slicked to perfection!

Don't wonder anymore!! I delicately take my time to perfect this look. I enjoy wearing my hair this way because it attracts guys like you. Making me feel sexy to the thought of their need for touching. Now the question remains. Will I allow it?

love the fact that you keep your hair all slick..i have a massive fetish for super slick shiny hair... would love to hear details on the regime you follow

Maintaining my hair long and healthy plus shimmery takes a lot of TLC. I love that my hair is healthy and that I can tame it as I please.

Mmmmmm I can actually feel your words. Lovely

Well thank you msmaddie. I bet ur hair is slick right now, and would feel so nice to the touch. Can't wait to spray my *** all over it.

Maintain for perfection as usual.