Reality Betrays Us All

My life is a mixture of contrasts. I wanted to finish this line with something along the lines of : I love the Lord but when I try to do all the right things I get all the wrong results. (Why do you think they intentionally make the title line limited to so many charachters?)  I used to work with a guy who would use a favorite response lines such as "Look don't confuse me with the facts". My life is a lot like that. The theory says; such and such but my experience contradicts it every time.

This does not mean it contradicts my faith, on the contrary If you are a student of the bible, GOD does not let himself be put into a box, and even the miracles of Jesus he does each one differently, sort of like God saying; who are you oh man to try and tell God what he can and can not do if he so chooses? The bible ( which I believe to be the inspired and inerrent  infallible word of God) tells us God intentionally chooses the foolish things of this world to put to shame the wisdom of man. Don't think so? just look at how many times man has had to revise his scientific theories to agree with newly discovered facts so as to not appear ignorant, yet the bible remains as a rock solid foundation for truth, GOD himself even says Heaven and Earth will pass away but my word will remain. Fasinating also is the verse in john chapter 1 where it says In the beginning was the word and the word was God and was with God and became flesh and dwelth amaong us. It was by him and through in that all things came into being. This refers to the fact that Jesus the son of God was in the begiinning God and was with God (the father and holy spirit)  and was born of the virgin Mary and became man so he could make God known to man and save us from our sins, as the only one true perfect sacrifice for our sins. Fascinating if you get into study of physics the scientist still do not know what holds the universe together, the best they can come up with is "atomic glue" the bonds that hold the opposite charges together in the atom. Otherwise they would repell each other and the universe would disintigrate. Jesus said I am the alpha and omega the first and the last. By him and through him all things were created. (Jesus is the "atomic glue")

Every expeience I have in life I see as reinforcement for my faith not as a contradiction but as a complimentary and deeper understanding of my faith.

Peter sellers in one of his last films (Hoffman?) used this phrase "reality betrays us all" in which he sought desperately to connect with a beautiful young woman who wanted nothing to do with him. Tthe only way he could get a date with her was to blackmail her by telling her he had evidence that her boyfriend had embezzeled money from the bank , and he would go to the police and expose him if she did not spend the night with him. She agreed, but fully naked under the covers with her, Peter Sellers responded to her frigid uncooperative  response with the statement " Reality betrays us all". I find this to be true, but we have to remember even though God may have created us in his image [ we all have a 3 part nature body, soul(peronality), and spirit], we are NOT God. We all have free-will as well which is where the whole battle between good and evil came from because ironically the angels also were created with free will, and Lucifer a perfect created angel being, decided to mess the whole universe up by declaring that he was not satisfied being a loyal faithful servant of God and instead wanted himself to be like GOD when he said repeatedly "I will be like the most high God I wil, I will , I will, I will", and therefore caused 1/3 of the angels to sin and fall along with him from God's grace. And thus we have the mess we have today with the fallen world and imperfect system where man has to choose on a daily basis, to agree and serve God, or rather to serve the devil, the world and the flesh ( or any god of his own making-idolatry).

Regarding reality betraying us, I remember asking a legal advisor about personal experience of being arrested for being homeless and was put in jail for not paying a parking ticket, He said oh that is not possible! I said yes but that contradicts my expereince in 2005. Our country is becoming more like a police state every day! I was about 50 yrs of age , never been arrested and never had any trouble with the law. I was homeless living in So. calif. working 2 jobs and training for a 3rd job as a 2nd shift operator for a company J4justice Services in Rancho SM. I parked overmnight living in my van and got a ticket for where I parked. I failed to show up in court and had not yet paid the ticket. The police put out a warrant for my arrest, Towed my vehicle and impounded it, and I was in jail for less than a 24 hr. period on Halloween at the Jail in Santa Ana. When I talked to the judge I explained my circumstances working 2 jobs training for a 3rd, and not having enough time to pay the ticket nor to show up in court. I told the judge I could pay the ticket right now if he so desired, and said no it is not reguired now, any time in the next 6 mos.would be OK. Well why if it was so important that they needed a warrant for my arrest   and had to physically arrest me and impound me vehicle? seems like pretty harsh treatment for a parking ticket not being paid on time.... To add insult to injury the day I was to start my job at G4Justice services they told me I could not becuase there company had a legal agreement witht the city police dept. Of LA and as a private contractor working with them they were not allowd to hire any employee that had a crimianal record. When I expalined the illegality of procedures that were taken against me as a private citizen and my less than 24 hr time in jail the reaponse I recieved was along the line of "LOOK DONT CONFUSE US WITH THE FACTS".

That is why I believe America is becoming more like Nazi Germany in WWII every day. I do not believe I am being paranoid either. I go to homeless dinners at local churches  a few days out of the week, and I hear of similar horror stories every day. I can only find part-time work at an ex- employers in YBL, and only make 50-200$ a month, so any extra help I can get from charities is a blessing financially. This despite the fact that I have over 23ys experience as an electronic test tech, over 5 yrs of college a 2 yr "AA" degeree, FCC master of comm. lic, and multiple certifications. This "don't mean S_ _ _ !   when you consider the biggest employer in the USA is now "Wally's world"  and even though they are the biggest compnay in terms of revenue and size they only hire min. wage worlkers, so they are not even looking for educated experienced workers. The harsh truth is American companies do not want to hire experienced, educated workers, nor pay livable American wages, but would rather rely on slave labor from China. Our suicidal economic policies prove my point that even our own government does not want to support nor back up the middle class in their efforts to find , hold, and keep a job. Trying to go back to school is joke! What they do not tell you: Colleges and Universities are going broke. They no longer appeal to domestic students but rather to foreign students, because they know the foreign students can and do find jobs when they return home. The trick is to take 4 yr curriculums and revise the reguirements so the degree programs now become 6 yr programs so the schools can "milk" the federal gov. for more student loan funds. The private lenders know and understand the problem, and 25% of them have dropped out of the student loan market due to "risk aversion". The trajedy is that new graduates many with over $100k in student loan debts, over %40 CANNOT FIND JOBS!  A whole lot a good it does for Obama to tell people to go back to school and get eduated for jobs that DO NOT EXIST IN THIS COUNTRY/!!!  Does anyone not see the irony here?  Reminds me of another famous quote; " The truth you say you want the truth? The truth is you can not handle the truth!"

Ironically I found this website because I am anally retentive and do not like to do anything without reasearching my otpions, so that at least if I set my mind to try and achieve something, I will have a fighting chance of making it a  success. Ref: see Napleon Hill's book "Think and grow rich." He basically desribes what has worlked for may succesful people which is the abc's : fisrt Concieve of what it is you want to do or accompllish, "B" find a way to make what you want to do Believeable in other words what do I have to do so that my dreams can become reality? Saying I want a Ferrai will not make it  reality, but figuring out how to accumulate the money to buy it, and then going out and buying one, will make it possible. The lastly Achieve or Act is the last and most difficult. You have the plan now go out and do it.!

It seems ironic to me but Christianity became monogamous because in the new testament the leaders in the church were admonished to be a husband with only one wife, because a husband with many wives will not have the ability to take care of spiritual needs of the church if he is preoccupied with the needs of his "wives" That is all well and good, however even though I want to be spiriutual mature and study God's word as we are told to do so we can "rightly divide the word of truth", I do not want to be a leader in the church, and do not want the extra responsibility of being a leader becuase God's word says we will as leaders be held to a higher srtandard of judgement. I am content to be a layman, but I kinow I will not be content in a monogamous relationship one man one woman relationship. I would much rather prefer the old testament "more than one wife-one man relationship that the patriarchs had." My problem is figuring out the best way to make that happen

Some thoughts and goals: I do not believe one wife should have any more rights or privaledges than the others, many problems arise from marriages where one child is favored over another, and I believe parents should love all their children equally. I would think that the most succesful polygamous marriages would also have an equality between the wives. The problem is figuring out the legal implications of what to do if one of them becomes hostile or tries to destroy the  marriage, I have seen this with friends who get divorced and one partner adopts the attitude( "if I can not be happy then no one will be happy and they do eveything to destroy the other person, despite the fact they lose everything and hurt themselves in the process).

I read a book and states laws and I know even for monogamy some states are better than others. In Calif a woman can try to get half of everything you own and only have been married to a guy 6mos, whereas in Nevada famous for "gold diggerss" the law is set at %15 max of what the guy's assets are.

Ergo the famous Las veags Divorce. I am not promotoing divorce but rather trying to promote good CYA (cover your A _ _ ) strategy. I do not believe anyone with half a brain should go into a lifetime commitment such as marriage without their eyes being wide open.

I think there should be some type of financial security for each participant in a poly marriage because there are no guarantees in life ( other than taxes and death -unavoidable requirements). I do not know exactly how to make this possible or "bullit proof" legally, but anyone familiar with Murphy's laws knows : Anything can go wrong will go wrong, nothing is ever as simple as it seems, whatever you are trying to accomplish will take more time, money and resources than you originally thought it would. As an example: I broke up with an ex-girlfiriend who had her tubes tied and even though she had 2 kids had her tubes tied so she could not get pregnant again.; I realized when I broke up with her that being sexually active brought with it responsibility.

I could very easily get myself into legal as well as financial obligations I was not readey for if I continued in a promisciious lifestyle. My solution was to get a ***** bank and vasectomy. Ironically when the temptation is no longer there, as I found out later dealing with the lifestyle no longer is the problem but rather How do I make better cholces in terms of women I choose to be attracted to? Tony robbins (self help coach for common sense and self-help improvement ) states: How do I learn to ask better questions in life assumning I want better answers... Now I realize the quality of my life will depend on me first being a better Christian, becomming the man God wants me to be, so that my wife will find in her partner the man she needs as a husband and eventually the father of her kids. So its not so much a question of can I find what I want in a relationship, but rather can I become the man of god I need to be so that I can meet the requiremetns? A lot tougher issue.

The big issue now is dealing with lack of finances and career path...I believe that where God guides God provides. This is a continuing story so I do not have all the ansers yet , but the bible says for without faith it is impossible to please GOD. I will continue to put my faith in trust in God on a daily basis.

realitybetraysusall realitybetraysusall
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Mar 13, 2010