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I love The Lord of the Rings. I was full out obsessed for five and a half years (1999-2006), and I could tell you pretty much anything about anything in that realm of fantasy. I read The Hobbit, The Simarillion, Lost Tales volumes 1-4, Farmer Giles of Ham, Lost Tales of Numenor and Middle Earth, The Lays of Beleriand, and many more. I did book reports on all of those, as well. I have seen all of the movies, and the special extended editions, with all of the documentaries, and the commentary by the director, producers, actors, costume designers, and so forth. I learned to write and read and speak Elvish (Sindarin AND Quenya). I mailed away and got the Evenstar necklace. I have the glass goblets from Burger King (Anyone remember those???) AND the autographs of the actors. I also signed the online petition, "Let The Hobbit Happen." I took the Ringer's Obsession Quiz, and got a 99.999998%. (And that's just scary) I memorized pretty much all the lines from the movie, I have the soundtracks and the sheet music for the original scores by Howard Shore. I love the story. I have the books, (Illustrated by Alan Lee!) I have seen the film "Ringers, Lord of the Fans" and loved it. All in all, I love The Lord of the Rings.
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Wow! You sound a lot like me only with a bit more money! (: I haven't been abke to read any books but the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit because I don't have any money but I really want to! I am learning Sindarin right now and already know how to wright in both Sindarin and Quenya. I am going to make myself a cloak and chain mail shirt and have practised with the bow and arrow. I have learned a lot about the making of LOTR and the Hobbit and about the actrs and actresses too. I have watched all the movies. I even learned a British accent. I also learned to wright in Dwarvish. You're awesome! I am all but adicted to LOTR, but next to you, all I can do is bow my head and say you rock!

looks like am nothin in fronta you... you the best man<br />
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am obsessed with LOTR too

wow. It seems you are the huge fan. I am addicted to LOTR too. it's so beautiful. I just learned Sindarin. and I would like buy these stuff. in fact, it's one of my dreams. I just need little money cuz it's quite expensive. I wud love to buy Anduril, Minas tirith model, Fial, The One Ring, Glamdring. and evenstar necklace. It'd be cool collection..:)