I even started to learn to read some basic dwarves runes. Such a great story
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Yes me too, i've seen all the movies like 5 times :p and im beginning to read the books. Its a shame that gil-galad wasnt mentioned in the movies ....

I will add, (I hope I speak for everyone when I say this), frodo is a wimp. And that's being nice

Nghhhh nooooooo I bet you wouldn't have been able to do what he did!

I agree lol, I'd have been Sam haha.
Frodos attack stance was to fall backwards and crawl into the nearest corner waiting to be killed. Let's face it if it weren't for the elves he would be dead, and his uncle Bilbo who gave him the Mithril armour which saved his life. And he doesn't follow the lights across the swamp, and nearly dies. He also walks out to look at the nasgul, the list goes on.