I Love The Male Body

I love the male body, because i excites me.  I like the wonders of it. When I, am out and about, and that is usually, at the malls, stores men hang out at, and places of interest.  I like to watch there moves and theway they act?  I  take a guess, at what they are thinking about, and If i, don't see a ringer on there finger, I know, they aren't married, and then watch for a girl friend or boy friend.  Then I, look at the body, scanning at the butts, firm or flabby.  ThenI , check out there package ( the groin), and see f I can see a **** outline, and see how big it really is?  I can tell if the are wearing boxers or brief's.  Then I move to the hair color, blondes, brunettes, browns, black, and blck w/a touch of grey.  And in that order.  Then, I check out there eyes if i am close enough to see.  I like Dark blues, grey's, green, brown, and black.  And in that order.  If, I could create the perfect man, this is how I would do it and in that order.  I would want him to be perfect, just for me, and do what would be pleasing only to me.  I would want a hairless man, andI mean hairless, except for the ahir on his head, blonde dark blue eyes, the perfect firm ***, about a 8 in. ****, and not to muscler. about 6"2" tall, weighing about 175 lbs. and looks good in a tight pair of blue jeans, and a gold color t-shirt.  I want to pleasure this man with all of my heart and be His Sex Slave.  So, if you see him, Please, brng him to me, he's not your's, he's mine......go create your own!

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
1 Response Feb 24, 2010

the boy in 'home alone.. culkin,,,, i think his name is./., one scene he is in his briefs... one hot little body..