I Must Be Crazy....

This morning as my husband of 25 years was toweling off after a shower, getting ready for work, I suddenly noticed something about him. Something I honestly hadn't paid very much attention to in some time. We recently celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary, so I imagine we are as familiar with one anothers bodies as we can be by now. That said, we have both changed a great deal in 25 years. He has a bit of a belly and my hair isn't as natural as it once was. Neither one of us is as firm or as smooth as we once were, time has left it's mark, we are not "kids" anymore.

As I watched him from across the room, playfully flexing his muscles at me, I laughed at him and pretended to whistle (it was the best I could do, I can't whistle to save my life!) There was a few minutes of flirtatious banter and then he began focusing on the job at hand, getting dressed for work. He wasn't aware that I was still watching him, as he turned his back to me and began to get dressed.  I gazed rather lustfully at his tall, imposing physique. I couldn't help ogling his magnificent body, his chest and his back were so strong and sinewy....those shoulders that I have so often rubbed and caressed were so muscular and  deliciously ripped. His years of playing basketball had made his thigh muscles quite pronounced and well defined.  (We had actually met at a church sponsored Basketball game some 28 years earlier.)

Despite all of the ups and downs of our relationship, I am still just as enamored by this man as I was 28 years ago when I first met him. Of course, I have discovered many things about him that are less than perfect, but that intangible something that causes people to be inexplicabley drawn to one another is still very much alive and well. Those butterflies are still in my stomach when he walks into the room, there is still that blush of excitement when he calls and asks for me.

I confess, I am still hopelessly in love with my husband. ♥
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Wow! very moving. I'm speechless.

what a lovely story. what a lovely couple you two are to have found love like this..... beautiful!

That is quite a compliment to your husband. I love to caress my lover's body...even if it is a little skinny. I catch myself ogling him as well. Wonderful...

Love stories of women truly in love with their man. Thx.

I just read some of your other stuff. Not sure what to think. Good luck sweetie. :)

I don't blame you for being somewhat puzzled by our relationship, imagine how confusing it is to me?!! I love him, I hate him....I want to leave, but I cannot live without him. Thus lies the crux of the problem.

I have read that it is not uncommon for a narcissists spouse to become so hopelessly attached to the N, especially when they have been together for a great deal of time. In our case, We have been married to one another for more than half my life. I can't remember who I was before I knew him.

Thank you for reading, commenting and attempting to understand.

Thank you so much, sinofile92 for your very generous comment.

daddydon, thank you so much for reading and leaving such a kind comment. I appreciate it very much.<br />
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= )

FMF, you know we cougars cannot resist a naked man, even if he's already ours...lol...

Gracias, PTMAN. What a lovely thing to say,you are a true romantic. In another place and time, perhaps... &hearts;

That is so beautiful, i love your story and i can see that you are very much in love with this man. you made me sigh mi amor.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting, WLKing. I'm glad that you enjoyed it! = )

Wow, that's mad cool. I'm happy for you, and think that made my day. Thanks!

Oh, thank you so much, MsPFP. It was kinda spur of the moment, but it was certainly heartfelt. Glad you enjoyed it! = )

lol...Thank you, my lovely Vignette (Hubby thanks you as well...)<br />
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I have to share this with you, it's so funny. I emailed this story to my hub at work this morning and you will never guess what he commented on....his wife of 25 years basically announced to the world that she still finds him sexually exciting and he calls me and says, "that's really sweet, but I'm not that tan". LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL<br />
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THAT'S my husband for you. He has no concept of poetic license. He is LITERAL to a fault.

It's not perfect, but the underlying foundation is still strong and that is something to celebrate.<br />
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Thank you for taking the time to read and leave such a kind comment. I appreciate it!