I Love Male Swimmers Shoulders And Body

I just love youthful mans bodies and swimmers like Ian Thorpe and models like Guess

& Tom Ford model Jon Kortajardena, Armie Hammer, Erik Dane, Gucci model Mathias.

I like heaps of guys and prince william and harry- william looked great in the water- but they are not perfect looking by any stretch of the imagination.

I always keep a look out for cute guys.

I like many types of guys for different reasons.

I used to have huge crushes on heaps of pop stars growing up - Rick Springfield (he is old now)

and so many more. 

I used to  like Charlie Sheen and Ricky Martin in their twenties, Noah Whyle, and heaps more

and a few sports stars as well.

there are heaps of others I like also ..there is an australian swimmer I like who probably will be at the next olympics.. I think his last name is wright.

czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Apr 9, 2011