Michelangelo's Peaked My Interest

When he sculpted David. I think he caught the essence of a man's body. Focus on the musculature, the sinews, bones and flesh. The eyes. Clothes don't make the man but they damn sure can enhance his appearance. A man with nice and neat feet and ladies I know you feel me on this one (nails neatly trimmed so you don't get clawed up!) lotioned and no we don't want to see corns or bunions or hammertoes anymore than you. Nor do we want to see fungus infections. Barefoot in closed up shoes = Funky Feet......Keep that in mind if you like having your toes suck and wash between your toes please.....I don't like toejam! working the way up....muscular or well-proportioned calves are sexy. Nicely muscled thighs look good in jeans and boxers and with a white towel wrapped around the hips.....*pauses to fan herself real quick* mmm mmmm good! Fellas remember much as I love seeing my cowboy it tight jeans it aint good for the boys and I mean as in low ***** count. Now they look damn good....present the package nicely and all that and make the *** look like you could bounce half dollars off of it (sorry had to wipe some drool) but keep that in mind. Give the boys some space....they serve an important purpose! Going commando. Three words: Beware Doggy Balls. No support at all is worse than squeezing the life out of the little swimmers. Find a happy medium. Besides anyone who's ever seen Something About Mary when he caught his schlong in the zipper. Commando is sexy if you want a quicky but you got to be careful about when you do it and pay attention -- AGREED? a nice *** is awesome......but if I am looking at a an *** that makes me think of a woman I gotta cry time out. Now he can be a bit on the skimpy side just promise me there is gonna be something back there to dig my fingers into when I am caught up in the heat of the moment! I love the big bear solid body....makes me feel ultra feminine and protected. I love the slender body and note I said slender not too skinny or I am gonna be black and blue and when I hug ya I am gonna get splinters. Bubba's got a bit of a guy from drinking too much beer (not low carb) over the years, but I like my good old boys as much as the next person. He's a great man to hang out with shoots pool,. hunts, knows his way around firearms and may treat me to the caveman tactic of throwing over his shoulders for a literal roll in the hay. He can clean his catch. I like the athlete....the runner, lean and lots of stamina. The football player. No No not like the Fridge....Quarterback, Running Back....., the Swimmer there is something sexy about the V that working his upper body so much makes into a more narrow waist. Weight lifters......cool as long as they don't look like they are on steroids and have no neck.......unfortunately I have found with that group *waves pinky finger* (READ BETWEEN THE LINES FOLKS)
there is that guy who's a bit chunky but you can work with it.......face it: if you both have bellies not much fun......you will bounce off each other. There is the intellectual: pail, nerdy, but you can sit at his feet for hours and listen to him talk on so many subjects and be in awe. you just wish you get Mr. Intellectual into some sun because he tends to be pale.

Their nose, their eyes, their teeth.......all these things make up a man. And a handshake is critical for me. If he has what I call "woman's hands" as in too soft? Hmmmm......he's on probation......cold and clammy like a deadfish, hell he's nervous and not confident enough for me..and I am surely gonna want to wipe my hands off after. Confident and firm handshake makes me begin and maintain eye contact......I have a firm handshake and it's not just from growing up a tomboy but from letting them know I mean business. Take me seriously.

Now when it comes to lips, I gotta have something to kiss. so hopefully more than a slit in the face. When it comes to breastsucking I find fuller lips work suction best. Bald? Hope you have the right head and face shape for it. Boxcut? New Addition has been out of style for ages and so is that cut. Blowout? You mean blowoff......Yes I admit I like guys with longish hair.....I want to be able to tangle my fingers in it during moments of deep passion. And i want it to be soft where I can lay my head on it when I am hugging him. Hairy man.....have I dated them? Yes. Did I like the hairiness no. I spent a lot of time ptooey because hairs got in the way of sucking and licking nipples, down the torso, etc. I prefer smooth and if he shaves downstairs BONUS....hell I know it probably itches but I've been shaving there since I was 18.......I do it every other day.....Don't talk to me about itch. But do that in public ever and get the sharp end of an elbow! That gross. And adjusting your crotch in public, particularly in a food establishment is just rude and crude. I saw this yesterday in Subway and lost my appetite.

When it comes to male genitalia I've already weighed in on that: doesn't matter if it's cut, uncut, hooks to left or right, points up or down as long as it can get hard I love it! Balls.....I'm kind of partial to huge ones......not exactly sure why....I had a friend who had only one fully extended (think that's right) testicle the other didn't come out all the way. He was self-conscious about it. Wasn't a big deal to me. I had a friend who had fake balls because they were twisted when he was a baby.....Didn't faze me either. One ball or two....doesn't matter to me. The male body is a work of art I am continually appreciative of all the different sizes, shapes and colors......
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interesting fact... David was based on the women form.

My feet are pretty nice and some of my other parts seem OK to you. Even though a nerd, I'm not pale.