Lustful Stares

I have read many of the posts in this category and noticed that there are many women who love the muscles. I am not in that group. At least not right now in my life. I have a 45 year old lover with salt and pepper hair, 6'2" and skinny. : ) I am a voluptuous younger girl who can't enough of him. His legs are so skinny and he has this small independent patch of hair on his stomach that I adore. He has this little ***, but he loves having it caressed. He has lots of chest hair with a little trail all the way down below his waist line. I love to feel his body between my thighs. I catch myself just lusfully staring at him while doing mundane things....dishes, cooking, filling the gas tank. Delicious!
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2 Responses Apr 27, 2012

I bet there's one muscle you enjoy of his other than his brain

wish i had me a woman that liked to stare at mee:)