Sunscreen And Grape Gatorade

So my lover has been playing humaitarian today helping to build a home. I offered to bring him some cool refreshment, but he thought he didn't really need it. Turns out he really did. You never really know how much water you need until after the fact, it seems. So he came by on his motorcycle and picked me up from work. We stopped by a 7-11 and I bought him a grape gatorade. We went to a beautiful park and laid in the shade. I helped him off with his shoes and rolled up his pants to help him cool off. He said he was feeling sore in his lower back and thigh muscles. I untucked his short and rubbed his back and neck for a while. We laid in the grass enjoying a warm few minutes. I rubbed his thighs and I so wanted to touch him to get him excited, but I knew time was short and he was soooo tired. Maybe tomorrow! He finished off the gatorade and I helped him get reassembled. He gave me this great big kiss and it tasted like sunscreen and grap gatorade. I can't want to have more time with him.
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