Drew This Really Hot Guy Nude In Art Class

I took life drawing classes in college where we drew nude models. It ended up being one of my favorite subjects. It was simply fascinating to draw the nude human form. We drew a mix of both male and female models, they came in all different shapes and sizes. Some of the female models were curvy, some skinny, a couple of them were just gorgeous. I really admired them for being so brave to pose for us like that. There was a nice aesthetic to drawing feminine curves and lines. I really adored drawing the female form, and usually preferred it over drawing the male, ...usually.

Most of the male models were middle aged or older, some were overweight, a couple were balding, not exactly appealing if you know what I mean. It felt more like drawing your uncle or your granpa. Nothing special to talk about. But for drawing purposes in itself, it was interesting enough and most of them were artful subjects. Although there were one or two, who you could tell liked to show off. Who seemed under the delusion just because they were naked that women were excited to look at them, despite the fact they where on the unattractive side. Excuse me, reality check please. Also we did have a couple of younger guys who modeled nude for us who were decent looking, which was a bit more fun for us girls in class. I remember one of them, I think it was his first time modeling. He was so nervous standing there completely naked up on the stand in the middle of over twenty of us in class. The way he uneasily tried to compose himself up there while the whole class stared at every inch of his nakedness was somewhat amusing to watch. Although I did feel a bit sorry for him to have to endure that, nevertheless it did have us snickering a bit at the look on his demeanor of being completely uncomfortable up there. If the model is not comfortable then the class isn't comfortable drawing them either.  At one point his penis started to change a little, it was tiny at first and changed size. He didn't get a full erection but it was sort of halfway there. We never saw him again after that, either the instructor didn't want to use him anymore or he was just too embarrassed to come back.

Odd experiences aside, overall it was a wonderful experience attending those classes having been involved in drawing the nude. I have to say, there is one experience that really stood out for me. I remember it was my sophomore year in college. Its was also my second semester of taking life drawing, having also taken it the semester before. One day me and a couple girlfriends were walking into our life drawing class and we noticed this really hot guy standing there talking to the instructor. After he exited the classroom we started talking about how good looking he was, wondering more about him. A few minutes later he walks back into class with a bathrobe on, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that he was our model for that day. I couldn't tell you how wide the smiles on our faces where, when we realized that. One of the braver girls in class went up to him and ask if he was going to model for us, to which which he says, "uh yeah, I guess I am". She then turns around smiling at some of the girls the class.

Practically all of us girls who made up more than half the class were beside ourselves with excitement waiting for him to start. It seemed like a really long time as instructor lectured for a several minutes before starting the actual drawing. Then finally the instructor called for him to disrobe, which we heard and held our breaths in anticipation. The moment came when dropped his robe and went up on the model stand completely naked for all of us to see. I quickly went over his whole body with me eyes, happily mesmerized by what I beheld before me. Oh it was amazing to see him totally nude standing up on the platform like that. My natural curiosity for anything male and good looking had me fascinated by every naked part of him. Seeing his nice fit athletic body, seeing his shoulders, bare chest, toned abs, his firm legs, and of course his penis. He has had such a lovely penis, that seemed to perfectly match his beautiful male physique. I stood by my easel taking in every inch of his nude flesh, as I prepared to draw him and turn his body into art.

The class was arranged in circle with the model in the center, and we usually started with what are called gesture drawings. Gestures are composed of a dozen or more quick, mostly action poses that that the model would hold between 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, which he began doing. As he did the gestures, and holding those poses, you could see the lines on the muscles of his beautiful nude body tense and flex. Watching him in his absolute nudity while he positioned his naked body to strain at the different poses. I continued to gaze realizing the raw masculinity of his nude male form. Seeing his naked torso curve at the at waist going down to that cute fleshy part that connects to his hip, with his lovely penis and balls hanging perfectly and beautifully from his well toned anatomy. In one pose he had arms extended, his back arched almost falling backwards, with his hips forward. It was such a particularly beautiful pose, imagine seeing such a hot nude guy posing like that, it was simply divine. Drawing him was just heavenly. And as a student is was very inspiring, and made me realize how beautiful human forms have inspired artist and great works of art throughout the ages.

As he did the various poses facing in different directions, he turned a few times to have is back to me. He had such a nice back, it was shaped so well, with that nice V-shape you just wanted to reach out and touch. Also one of the best parts of whole thing was that during those poses, his butt would squeeze just the right way, oh it was sooo good. Omg, his butt would face me at almost eye level and he would move his body to do the pose and his butt cheeks would clench tightly and so nicely, it was sooooo delicious to look at. Seeing his glutes contract itself like that made me bite my lip from wanting to squeal with delight. I just couldn't believe how wonderful it was to be standing there and drawing him. In one of the poses with his back to me, he bent over at the waist in sort of a runners pose, his butt cheeks squeezed yummily as he bent down, and ended up in such an interesting pose for me to look at. What made so interesting, was with him in that position I was at a direct angle where I could see his ball sac hanging from behind him. This was the first time I've studied a male I've found totally attractive from this angle. At this juncture of my life I'd already had two boyfriends who I've seen naked before, but not from this vantage point. This aroused my curiosity, seeing his ball sac hanging there beautifully. I had to imagine what it would be like to just cup it in my hand softly and caress it from behind. Of course we couldn't touch the model. Still I had to wonder.

We always took a couple of breaks during class to give the model a rest. During the break he put his robe back on, and I'm sure most of us girls wanted to talk to him but we all seemed too shy to do so during the first break. During the second break a couple of other girls did start up a conversation with him, I wish I was one of them but I was a little nervous. I don't know why, he's the one who should be a little nervous since I saw him naked. Although he did seem a little nervous when the class started, but became more at ease as we proceeded. As the class went on the instructor usually has the model do longer poses, anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. Either comfortable standing, sitting, or laying poses. This time she had him do some standing poses. The great part about this, was I got to stare at him all I wanted, without any concerns on my part. I mean usually when you see a hot guy, the best you can do is steal glances and try not to get caught staring. And even though you want to look so badly you can only manage it for a few seconds at a time. Not this time, not for me. I got to stare at him to my hearts content, while he was naked too! How good was that. It felt great to be able to gaze at every inch of his nude body as much as I wanted. And he couldn't do anything about it, except to take it, and let my eyes wander all over him. To meticulously study him, gazing at his complete nudity while he just stood there on display for me to do so. It was amazing to be able to do that freely without any apprehensions on my part. It felt somewhat empowering to just be able to freely stare at such a good looking guy and not be intimidated in the least about doing it. Its not something you get to do everyday. Not to mention this was the first time I got to see a live naked guy who was this handsome. And being a young 19 year old at the time and having only limited experienced, this was really something else. Like I said I had a couple boyfriends before, yes they were cute, but they weren't this hot. He stood there as I studied every inch of his beautiful nude physique, drawing his limbs and muscles and drawing his penis in detail, capturing his maleness, for art of course. Later I got to spend time rendering his sexy butt in detail also, ...oh things I must suffer for art's sake ;p

He posed for us two more times that semester. It was wonderful every time, although we still had to get down to the business of actually drawing, which wasn't so bad. Let me tell you no female in the class skipped a session after he started to model. We all attended hoping he would show up to model for us again, putting smiles on our faces whenever he did. We relished telling the other girls on campus what they were missing, and they were wanting to take the class too. During his second time modeling for us, in one pose he was on his side doing a laying position. He had his front towards me, being that I had and eye for detail when it came to studying his anatomy, something peculiar occurred. Sometimes things happen in art class. Once I saw a female model who forgot to tuck in her tampon strings properly. On his particular instance I saw that on the tip of his penis there was a tiny droplet of pre-*** hanging from it precariously. I've seen this once or twice with the other male models I drew, but wasn't a common occurrence. I guess we're all human so things happen, as long as its not excessive. Seeing that occur with the other male models was fascinating but somewhat weird, not something I'd like to see a lot of. But on him, I have to admit I didn't mind seeing it at all, it was kinda hot. Being the curious young college girl I was at the time, thoughts of tasting that little moist droplet with the tip of my tongue ran through my head, but since it was art class I told myself I had to let go of such thoughts. When the time for the pose ended, I saw him notice it and discretely wipe it away with his hand. I detected a hint of embarrassment on him as he did, looking around to see if anyone saw. I turned my head away from him just in time before he could look at my direction, smiling behind my easel as I did. Standing there I thought to myself how amazing being involved in art was, being able to see all the nuances of the nude human condition, specially coming from my handsome model. It made me see that as an artist I am there to observe many aspects of the subject before me even if they don't make it to paper.

After that class, he posed for us one more time, on the next to last class before the end of the school year. And I never saw him again. I wondered if he continued to model nude for other art classes. Seeing him up on the stand like that was simply a beautiful experience. It was him modeling for us in class that opened my eyes to how amazing the male physique can be. Not to mention, it also made me realize how wonderfully and powerfully a subject of art can affect the artist rendering that subject. Knowing that great artists inspired or in combination with the right subject are what masterpieces are made of. It was the first time I realized these types of strong feelings towards the creative process. It must have been similar to the type of emotions sculptors and artist throughout the centuries felt when sculpting or painting subjects such as Phryne, Venus, David, Olympia, to name a few. Not necessarily sexual, but looking at it with a sense of wonder. Of how beauty can inspire and ignite certain feelings within us.

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It sounds to me like he really had the fun part of the experience.

I have to call bs on the crap that females are not visually oriented. Females look at physical characteristics as the make-or-break in deciding which men they find attractive just as men do; the only difference is that females use different physical characteristics.

As for this silly claim: "However, if sara had gotten to know him a little and found out that he had some really undesirable trait - say he was a criminal of some kind - his desirability as a potential mate and sire of her children would have seriously diminished." It is totally without any basis in reality. If a man has the physical characteristics that a female finds desirable, no character flaws will change her mind. If a man does not have the physical characteristics that the female finds desirable, no character strengths will change her mind.

Wow, you are such a great writer. Would love to see some of your art.

Very cute story Sara, there are some underlying sexual tension in the part of the females and the model... proving that even if we try to keep a straigh face, anytime nudity is involved, comes back to our most basic instincts.<br />
<br />
I enjoyed it much and what good luck to be involved in such activities... you being a little conservative back then it really surprises me how well you took it, specially when he and you were seuxlly aroused... nice, sexy and tastful to say the least...<br />
<br />
kiss<br />

The reason that those guys seemed to think that all it would take to turn on the women in the class was to look at a naked male body is because they didn't get that women are not nearly as visually oriented about sexuality as men are. <br />
<br />
Something else interesting about this: putting aside all the artistic concerns, I think it's interesting to see how the response differs when a male of obvious strength and beauty steps on the podium, as opposed to the uncle and Granpa types that she's seen before. There is a biological reason for this, actually.<br />
<br />
Women are programmed to want to produce children (and that is the basis for attraction, biologically speaking) with the strongest and most charismatic men they can find. The reason for this is simple: the children sired by such a male have the best chance of surviving and becoming healthy adults that can produce more children. The traits in that fellow's phenotype were the classic desirable traits in a male partner. However, if sara had gotten to know him a little and found out that he had some really undesirable trait - say he was a criminal of some kind - his desirability as a potential mate and sire of her children would have seriously diminished.<br />
<br />
Sorry if this detracts from the artistic rhapsody, but this is the most interesting point I see here, as someone involved in the life sciences.<br />
<br />
As a gay man, however, I can totally agree with what she's saying. I'd want to gobble this guy up!

Great story...I wish I was your model!!!

If you have a nice body its always nice for the students to draw, regardless of what anyone says, whether you are male or female. And most of the time its not really about sex or anything, since life drawing classes can be a very non-sexual environment. Its more about observing a beautiful physique and being inspired by it, which I think resonates inside us. And I do believe it makes a difference, not just from me but the other students in class I talked to.<br />
<br />
<br />
Also even though its not about us being horny for the guy nude up on the stand (at least most of the time ;P), I have to say it seems you are a guy who has a clue about how it goes. Some guys think just because they get naked in front of a bunch of young college women it will get them all excited, most of the time that's not the case, specially in art class. Unless the guy is really good-looking and or has a real nice body, him being nude is no big deal really. Although we will still observe and draw how the light and shadows fall on the body regardless of who is posing, that's always interesting for drawing purposes.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am a male art model with an athletic physique and I model for college art classes. I'll admit the reason I started modeling was the thrill of being nude and on display for horny female students. But in all my experience I've never had a conversation with a female artist, so I just assume that at least some of them enjoy staring at my naked body. Reading your story finally confirms this. Thanks again.

Bravo! Terrific account. This was quite an education for me, including the inspired reflection (most likely very accurate) you added at the end of your account. I have to agree, you show wisdom and writing ability quite beyond your years. I look forward to reading more of your accounts.

Yes, drawing the figure is wonderful, and doesn't always have to do with anything sexual, but once in while a particular model will show up and make it really extra-special.

To be honest unless you a you're somewhat young and attractive most of the time college aged women will not find it exciting to draw you nude, like I said it was more like drawing an uncle or a grandpa.<br />
<br />
I didn't mind drawing different men regardless of shape, it was just a couple of them you could tell they thought just because they were naked all the girls would get excited when that wasn't the case, at least for most women. I don't know whats with a lot of guys who seem to think this. Although there are guys like the one I mentioned who do get women excited by being naked.

As always, a wonderful, well-written story, Sara, told with an artist's eye and a writer's flow. Well done!