Getting Over It.

The Moody Blues helped me get over a Semi accident 37 years ago. I was burned 45% was supposed to die but Did Not then they said.
You will never drive truck, let alone work again......................but I was back to work 13 months later driving. They were still working on me,but I was working.
I have seen them 6 times and thay never get old to me.

crispymack crispymack
56-60, M
2 Responses Oct 10, 2010

Great for you, amazing when you open your mind and heart . I have always felt that the MBs didn't have all the answers but THEY certainly asked all the right questions and had a say i what so many of us felt.

Fantastic!<br />
How did the band help with your recovery?<br />
"Story In Your Eyes" is one of my favorite songs ever!