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The Moody Blues was one of the great bands of the 60's and 70's. Nights in White Satin continues to be one of my favorite songs.  I have never seen them in concert but I bet they were awesome! I can't think of one bad song they did. I love to listen to them driving down the highway.

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They most certainly are a special group with a sound all their own. I used to have some original vinly but through the years, some things just couldn't take the trek anymore. Seems we have a lot in common:-)

I'm with you all the way JoJo. I have always felt The Moody Blues was a special group. One of a few groups that do more than just one or two songs, whole albums dedicated to a theme. I have all of their original vinyl.<br />
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Funny how I seem to keep running into you here.

I missed your reply the other day. You know, I have a CD of Beethoven with beach sounds in the background. It's great for going to sleep music!

I missed your reply the other day. You know, I have a CD of Beethoven with beach sounds in the background. It's great for going to sleep music!

Yeah, if I were the singer, I'd sing my peace then sit down and watch my band make music, but that's just me ;)<br />
Lyrics add to the song, if their different words ... I can tolerate Bach and Beethoven, but they could use some lyrics, don't you think? Not too many. Just enough to tell a tale, then let the music speak for itself. That's why they call it music, isn't it. Anyway, it's not that important :) ... haha

Hey GottaB! The Chorus is all part of it, at least for me........ So many songs back then had them! Folk songs too! Oh and church music too! LOL

i love the moody blues. they are awesome.

double LOL

I am on there...AGAIN...I type slowly so it can be understood. :) And I try to remember I'm talking to the mind of a child.

ROFL! That's a good one! I can't get over that hardheadedness! It's incredible! LOL You got me crackin' up now

Nights in White Satin is too cool (which is real, and which is Illusion speaks at me), but man do they have a lot of good tunes when you're in the mood for them. Rory Gallagher has some good instrumental stretches as well. That's what I buy music for. One complaint ... sing the chorus once, I don't need to keep hearing it ...

(except Tulick's point of view on Octomom thread.)

Well, as we know, nothing ever stays the same............ sad but true! {sniff}

"Music is the soundtrack to our lives." -**** Clark<br />
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Wow, whatta drag, flight path right over Jones Beach Amp. Glad I'm not in NY anymore. I'm too cranky now for crap like that. I'd be sniveling at the box office over that.

REEEEAAALLLY!!!! I was shocked to say the least! I love the term soundtrack. Especially as it pertains to life! Mine is so diverse and EXTENSIVE! Oh, and at Jones Beach, I was so totally distracted by the flight path of the jets. freaking lights at a low alt. It's a beautiful setting for a concert but it sucks now............ just my opinion of course!

REEEEAAALLLY???? Man, I remember they used to (but I haven't been there since '94.)<br />
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I wish I'd coined the term (soundtrack...) but it was said by **** Clark an eon ago...

Oh yeah! Soundtrack of our lives. AWESOME Qaz! Talk about the heavens lining up at the right time!<br />
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We saw Mellencamp there this summer. That place sucks, they don't sell beer! LOL

"Listen to the tide slowly turning, wash all our heartache away...."<br />
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OH, I love them. I saw them at Jones Beach, Aug 4 '90. The full moon rose over the shell as they began playing Nights in White Satin. They were perfect. So great. Definitely a big part in the soundtrack to my life.

Yes! That's it exactly! Lovely!

That makes perfect sense musicspirit. <br />
Justin Hayward was a great lyricist .<br />
<br />
I love the words at the end......<br />
Breath deep<br />
The gathering gloom<br />
Watch lights fade<br />
From every room<br />
Bedsitter people<br />
Look back and lament<br />
Another day's useless<br />
Energy spent<br />
<br />
Impassioned lovers<br />
Wrestle as one<br />
Lonely man cries for love<br />
And has none<br />
New mother picks up<br />
And suckles her son<br />
Senior citizens<br />
Wish they were young<br />
<br />
Cold hearted orb<br />
That rules the night<br />
Removes the colours<br />
From our sight<br />
Red is gray and<br />
Yellow white<br />
But we decide<br />
Which is right<br />
And<br />
Which is an Illusion

It is such an epic song, I love it. I can't remember how I came across it, but it was by accident. I think of it as being the soundtrack to someone's life in a movie if that makes any sense :S

No, I really don't. It is certainly different than anything else! The strings, the orchestra. It's fantastic!

They are good, but do you ever get annoyed at the 10 minute instrumental on that song. I really have to be in the mood for it.