I Go Out Side. When I Can Not Sleep

When some things is bother me.
I go out and get close to the stars
and moon.
And talk to them and tell them what
I wanted out of life.
Ladypanda Ladypanda
51-55, F
2 Responses Sep 20, 2012

know not yet .
And then live the way I wanted to .
I feel that is ok what you think.
but I don't have to take it .
And move on

I think we all live the way we want to. I have my own ideas about "right living" and whatever else, but I don't judge people for living different than me. I've received one concrete answer about my life, but that was from crying out to God to show me what I needed. He's always given me what I needed when I've asked. I've received several answers to prayer in my life.

Do you receive any answers about your life?