I Have Always Gazed At the Heavens

I used to decorate my rooms in yellow and blue. I would have moons and suns all over the room. This is when I was first leaning towards paganisim. Of course my over-bearing mother couldn't stand it. That only made me want to love it more. I was so ahppy back in those days. College.. before kids, jobs, responsibilites..

I know I have always been attracted to the heavens.

I have a great memory of  the only trip I ever had on Shrooms. I was in my room of blue an gold with candles lit and blue lights strung on the window. The whole time I was tripping, I could see angels, stars, moons and suns in my vision. It was beautiful!

My second ever tattoo is on my lower back, Tramp Stamp!! it's a sun and moon combined. It's very detailed. I know it doesn't look like it used to but it confirmed for me my love of all things celestial. I also got a chinese script tatt on my spine. I had wanted it to say 'daughter of the moon and stars' but the interpretation I was given was 'essence of the sun and moon'. Apparently this is a beautiful saying. It came from a native speaker via a friend of mine. He and I held hands while the tatt was applied and for that reason it is very special to me.

I have a blanket somewhere that I need to find. Oh wait, I know where it is.. or do I? Damn!! Of course it had the celestial pattern on it.

PinUpPaige PinUpPaige
31-35, F
Feb 20, 2009