Fall Asleep Watching Stars

I sometimes, on summers, like to sleep outside in my garden, in a tent... its so amazing to lay there and watch the stars until sleepiness closes my eyes. There's so much comfort and sense of eternity in stars... all my problems, fears and doubts just vanish from my head and heart.

If there weren't those moskitos (actually they are a little different species here) i would sleep right on the grass... but since they ARE here... i wouldn't want to wake up half-eaten! So, tent it is...

Plus, sleeping outside needs some getting used to at first... if you haven't tried it you cant imagine how much "noise" is out there. I mean, bugs, wind, dogs, other animals, birds... and the list goes on. So, sometimes its not that easy to fall asleep.

Waking up? Well, that's a whole other deal than waking up in a room, in bed. I have never felt more rested than waking up in nature. I believe that nature may somehow deliberately fill you with energy for a good wakeup... it requires less hours to sleep to be fully rested too.

So, i already wait for the time i can go to sleep outside :P Since we have quite cold weather here, with lots of snow and all, i have to wait for a summer... but it's worth a wait! :)

AwakingDreamer AwakingDreamer
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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

i love night sky. especially when the moon is full. it's like i was being energized. feel so hapy for unknown reason. if there's a chance i'd probably lay and sleep under a warm night.

Me too .

i love watching the stars and the moon.it can make u feel so peaceful..make wishes on falling stars:)

I love to sleep outside too! It's so fun.