The Moon, the Stars, the Night Air

Yesterday I was sitting outside when the evening fell, and noticed, again, that the whole feeling of everything aroud me changes when night falls. The air is different, the sounds are different. It feels like not only sounds and such are more quiet, more restfull, it feels like the whole energy of everything is more quiet and restful. 

Often when people sit outside and gaze at the stars and the moon, they suddely become more friendly, restful, quiet inside.  People start talking more slowly and a bit softer. Suddenly the mood to think like a philosopher comes up. Its something special :) and I enjoy that. The stars and the moon are a big part of it. This mood comes up more strong when they are visible.

Juna Juna
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2009

I like that feeling too :) there is also a sort of 'togetherness' vibe from sitting outside together. its cosy - even on a mild night where you get goose pimples!