Putrescent White Light Streaming Through The Night

Flesh to bone, is a purification process....
I hear the siren cricket calling me west... the ocean' shore and the final gate. Lady moon's pale blue eye is my lover's, guiding me home..... nocturnal alabaster flesh holding me close, a lullaby of light. Late September gibbous waxing through a velvet cloak to grasp me like I matter. Grey belly to my belly, cold lover in the snow.... your white lips whisper sweet nothings, tickling my ear, taunting me with what I cannot know. Spirit lover lets me carry her home.... a final passion before the diurnal lent when she leaves me desolate and alone. I feel nothing when she's cruelly taken from me at dawn, when the scrutinizing finger of Apollo dominates the horizon.... the bird that sings flays me to the bone leaving me broken and cold... till dusk and the lunar light pull me from this solar tomb.
Lord would the sun rise black and leave my lover alone.... I could finally find peace with her pure ethereal skin....
Atop a lonely crag, amidst the pine, on the mountain pass of priests, I worship you my lover, my light, the goddess of lunacy, nude in the pre-mist... hours from life robbing dawn.
menschfeind menschfeind
2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

wow, thanks!! :)

That was beautiful =)