Lying in the cool, deep field – hidden from view, except from above me. The smells of the night, the rich, deep odor of earth, so sensual, drawing, enticing. I can almost fall asleep here, alone with my thoughts – with only the stars as witness. Summer breezes make a gentle susurrus through the nearby forest branches and cause the grass and flowers to dance around me, sometimes stroking my skin as if inviting me to join them.

Barely, I resist the temptation of slumber, so skillfully lulled by the ministrations of night. Finally, she begins her ascent across the sky – it seems like an eternity before she shines directly upon me. Once I see her, I can only stare in wonder at her lustrous beauty. And then, as she moves beyond my view, my desire temporarily sated, I allow my dreams to take me.
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Ah, of course, I suspected you would know about this evenng's moon.<br />
<br />
I adore your prose, gal.

I've long been an advocate of what I refer to as a "moon tan." Go get yourself one. I wish you luck with this evening. Should still be really good, I'll bet.