Almost There

Where I live the mountains are visisble, but distant.. and the beach, well it's not exactly beautiful, more like kinda flat and boring, and the water is far from clear. It's also not very secluded at all lol. The beach here backs onto the town, there's nowhere to shelter from the wind on such a featureless flat beach; but there's a promenade with shelters, that's not the beach though, lol.
To the west, though, and within cycling distance, is some great coastline which backs straight onto the Snowdonia national park. The mountain slopes descend straight down to the beaches in places. One can easily go from the top of the highest mountain down to the beach in a single day.. well in a single hour if you happen to be going the right way.
I'm lucky to have both mountains and beaches within easy reach. It's hard climbing up to the mountains though as I have to take quite a bit of stuff with me on my bike. I actually rarely get up into the mountains just because it takes soo long and so much effort to climb up there from the coast. I'm much more likely to just stay down near the sea, and cycle along the coast path and the coast road. I love to have the sea by my side: the vast expanse of blue and turquoise and shimmering silver... and then on the other side: the mountains reaching high into the clouds, carpeted in green and dotted with sheep, or carpeted with purple heather and spotted with boulders. I love the cold, clear, fast-flowing mountain streams that rush down to the coast. I love the sheltered little bays and beautiful golden sands of the beaches in the west. I love the places where no one goes, the "secret" places that really should be very popular, but actually I get all that beauty all to myself. I like the seclusion and the quietness.. hearing only the sound of birds and the waves and wind is so relaxing.
I wish I could share these places with you.

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You just did, thanks!