I Miss the Mountains

This past March 2008 I moved from Revelstoke a small town in Bc Canada thats surrounded by mountains to Penticton Bc which is almost desert like. There are hills that the locals call Mountains I tell them if they are hills. I recently went back to Revelstoke for a few days. I was in awe.I saw snow on the mountains despite its the dead of summer, smelt real fresh air, heard creeks babbling, heard the trains going by and got to enjoy a fireside visit with close friends. And TREES and MOUNTAINS. Now im back in the city im wanting to go back and see the mountains that surround Revelstoke again.
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2008

I totally agree with you. I would just go outside in Revelstoke and smell the fresh air. Even the rain smelt different. It smelt like rain and not steamy cement. Ive got numerous pics of the mountains surrounding Revelstoke on my computer

the mountains have a spiritual connection with us i believe, with the fresh air and rivers, it is perfect for meditation as well. we were meant for the open outdoors, not dirty, polluted cities. it may even be healing for us...