The Mountains

We used to have our family reunions in Cloudcroft New Mexico. I have never felt as close to God and nature as I did when we were up there. The air is cleaner and being in the middle of all that beauty is amazing.

We made trips to other areas where the water was freely flowing out of the side of the mountain and was the cleanest coldest water I had ever seen before. It was ice cold even in the summer time.

Everything is so beautiful in the mountains and there is such a feeling of peace and tranquility. It is amazing how it makes me feel. I like to try to imagine what it was like hundreds of years ago before there were so many people living there. I have seen some of the log cabins that remain from years ago and they amaze me. Apparently the people living there were not very tall because I had to duck to enter and the floors were dirt.

I think if I had my choice of anywhere in the world to live it would be in the mountains.

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

You are so welcome and I agree. The mountains are just the greatest.

I love Cloudcroft! We used to go there all of the time.<br />
Then we slowly migrated to Santa Fe and the Denver area. I have such fond memories so thanks for taking me back for a while! Mountains rule!