The Bank Of America Interview..

I had achieved a really good job with the bank and all approved candidates were interviewed again on character together in a large boardroom of about 30 of us.the questions were different but when our speaker asked us to stand and tell what was our favorite movie and why..I wasn't hesitant to say loudly"The fifth Element"..after the snicker died down I told why I loved this film.I loved it for its music which was very edgy and new wave and that I had never heard an opera as good as Madam Butterfly off a stage till I heard the Diva sing in this film.Well me being one of only two blacks in this company I was gratified by the silence that followed after saying this..which was only the truth,our interviewer made me a personal banker that day.
Mrsvalkyrie Mrsvalkyrie
51-55, F
May 4, 2012