Love The Movie Alice In Wonderland

Today I went on a field trip with my daughters class we went to see the moive ALICE IN WONDERLAND

omg it was so good the graffits were wild . and the actors were super . great movie!!! you gotta see it

JOHNNY DEPP -MAD HATTER he was the best he should get awards for his acting. sat. nite

I saw the movie again in 3 D , didnt like the 3-D but still love the movie still

got the cool glassess . its a must see movie for kids and adults good one !!







lunnas lunnas
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3 Responses Mar 5, 2010

your not kidding its great and the actors wow they got johny <br />
he was made for the role if you havent seen the go see it .

one piece of advice, pay attention to everything, the smallest thing in this movie could blow your mind, it'll make you think why to "this" and omg how does "that" work, tim burton out did him self in my opinion

Thank you for giving this movie a good review! I don't know why but this is on my must see list and now your post has made me very excited to go and see it!