Near Disaster!

Last Christmas I recorded, 'Elf,' from TV onto a disc. Or so I thought......

I wanted to watch it a few days ago, but when I put the disc into the player, it refused to play!

I was so upset!

However, disaster was averted when I found that our local Tesco store was selling the film on DVD for just £3.

I'm going to put up the Christmas tree etc in a couple of days time and when that's done, I shall settle down to watch, 'Elf.'

My husband and son think it's unbearably schmaltzy, but so what, say I.

It's such a feel-good film that I will continue to watch it with unashamed laugh-out-loud pleasure and will cry at the endwith undisguised sentimentality.

That's what it's all about, isn't it.....?

To my fellow, 'Elf,' fans, I say Happy Christmas and keep the faith......

Meggi51 Meggi51
51-55, F
Dec 14, 2009