A Very Sweet Movie!

I often cry at bit at this movie.The poor little guy being left 10 billion light-years from home.It makes sence someone that advanced would olny be here to explore and collect plants.His olny freind on the entire planet was Elliot.I still hoot and holler when they escape.And the end when he says to Elliot "Ill be right here!"Majical stuff.I used to draw the ship too when I was little.I even had the music soundtrack once.And I think the government would try to cut up an alien if they found one.Oh,lolWhen Elliot is telling ET to shut up when his heartlight came on in the freezer,lol!Such a cool movie!

irishknight1973 irishknight1973
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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

Ya the end is a tear-jerker.And when he tells Gertie Be Good!