Memphis Belle-good Movie

The Memphis Belle was an 8th Air Force bomber a Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress.She flew 24 missions over Europe bombing Germany withoout a scratch.On her 25 and final mission she and her crew got to go home on war bonds tour during World War Two.In the movie her final target was Bremen.She had the hell shot out her but she made it back to Britain.Many of the crews in the movie were not so lucky.The same held true in real life.Everytime a bomber went down 10 men were lost.One one raid over Schwienfurt 62 were lost.We owe those bomber crews our gratitude.In the movie it said the Memphis Belle never flew again.There is a sad part where the crew of a bomber was killed when they were lost on thier first mission.You can hear them screaming on the radio on thier way down.It was a 20,000 foot drop where they were.

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No the belly gunner made it home they got him out.But he was hanging by his safety straps.Good thing he listened.They did manage to get the landing gear down.

i remember the movie and i think the belle lost of gunners in the belly.. but it was a great movie and a sad all at the same time let you in a part of ww2 we didnt know about