Michael Collins-a Great Irish Hero!

Micheal Collins was present at the Easter Rebellion of 1916.Spared the firing squad,he spent a few years in prison.But that did stop him.He was born in County Cork.

After he was released he became part of a rebel Irish government.They organized many attacks on British targets.This was the start of the IRA(Irish Republican Army).In 1921 after a long war the Irish Free State was born.Not totally free (they had to declare loyalty to Great Britain still) but it was start.Michael Collins and his supporters agreed to the Free State but Eamon De Valera,the Irish President and others wanted complete freedon(for the North also which remained under British hands,and still does today).As of 1921 a Civil War ensued in Ireland.It ended sometime later(Ireland did not achieve complete independence until 1949,as least the Republic did,not the North).

Micheal Collins returned to County Cork later during the Irish Civil War to talk with Eamon De Valera but he was shot and killed by rivals on the a road while he was driving.He wanted a free and united Ireland,but knew it would take some time to achieve it.There is some talk Eamon De Valera had something to do with his death.He was also a captain in the newly created Irish Army.

Anyway this is a very excellent movie and I recommend it being St.Patrick's Day is on the way.

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I read a book by Fr. Greeley and he felt that there was a chance that Winston Churchill himself had been involved in the assassination of Collins. What do you think?