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It has so many memories to me... My daughters very first dance competition team did their number to the song "Say a little prayer" and it was also her first dance duet with a boy and first "lift". He picked her up and spun her around and to this day I can still see her on that stage in her pink two piece. She was only in the 2nd grade at the time and it was such a big deal.

In addition I just LOVE Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett and together they crack me up. I will say it's a bit distracting watching it now as every time she pulls out her cell phone I spend the entire time laughing at the size of it! You can hardly see her face behind it! *giggles* But still a wonderful movie full of laughs.

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

its a great movie! its a classic and you never tire of seeing it. although the two main characters dont end up together, the movie ends on a good note, i love that part in the movie when they sing i'll say a little prayer for you, i bet if that happened nowadays everyone would be staring confusingly at us XD