15 Pieces of Flair

Ummm... yeah. I'm going to have to say I love this movie.
I quote it often. They played Office Space in the theater about a year ago as a midnight movie and all the geeks like me got to see it on the big screen and revel in the company of kindred souls.

That was a good day.

I got overly excited when I was in Barnes & Noble and they had an "Office Space Survivor Kit." It came with a mini red stapler, a corporate banner that says "Is This Good For The Company?", a few TPS cover sheets, a few pieces of flair to get you started, and a "Jump to Conclusions" map... the one where you lay it out and you can then JUMP.... to conclusions!

The coup de gras, however, is Lumbergh's Initech mug.
All this for less than $15.
Not bad. Not bad at all.
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2 Responses May 7, 2007

Haha that's hilariously awesome! I'll have to look into that...and fifteen dollars? Wow that's awesome. Great movie...

yeah, I like that one guy, Michael Bolton...that is one funny, ******* movie. I have seen it 14 times on cable :)