Biscuits and Mustard

Sling Blade is one of my favorite films. I just watched it today when it happened to be on IFC. Billy Bob Thorton is simply amazing in this film. He comes off as a total ******* when I have seen him in interviews and such, but you can't deny the man is a very talented actor and director.

The little boy in the film, Lucas Black, is also wonderful. I remember him from the short lived series "American Gothic." That was a cool show, but I think it only lasted a few seasons.

I love Dwight Yokam, he is one of my favorite country musicians. He plays the perfect drunk abusive alcoholic in this movie. He nails the part.

When I watch this film, I always am so angry at the mother. I like her character but I don't understand women who allow men to treat their children like that. There is no way I will ever be in a relationship with a man that doesn't love my kids almost as much as I do. As a approach a divorce I think about that a lot. I will be a package deal. My kids will still have a father, but anyone that wants me will have to want them too.

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This is a great film. I just love it.

This is one of my very fave movies too. <br />
Carl, you look like a deep thinker. You seem to always be in deep thought. For example, what are you thinking right this moment?<br />
Ummm I was wondering if you had anymore of that there potted meat to take home with me.

Thanks Lily.