The Water Horse-cute Movie-based On a Celtic Gaelic Legend From Scotland and Ireland!

What a cute movie.A lonely young boy named Angus MacMurrow finds a mysterious blue egg along the shores of Loch Ness so he brings it home.It hatches and there begins the mayhem,lol!It is based losely on the Celtic legend of the water horse,what we would call The Loch Ness Monster.He names the creature Carusoe.The Celtic name is The Kelpie.It is these are majical creatures and there can be olny one in the world at any one time.You can also look up the legend of the kelpie on the Internet as it a real legend.Anyway it is a wonderful film, and kid freindly too.As for myself I believe there may be something alive in Loch Ness,but maybe that is the Irish and Scottish blood talking,lol!

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In Scottish Gaelic it is called Eiach Uisce.

along with numerous other spelling you can find on the internet... almost all of them impossible to pronounce lol ;)