When It Began

It was in the days president Kennedy got killed, one of the most iconic moments of the 20th century, that it was there:  'Love me do', soon to be followed by 'I wanna hold your hand'. 

The titles of both songs are innocent and even a bit silly. 

But the sound was definitely new.  As if it came from another planet, reflecting sentiments of those growing up.  From now on the focus would be on 'teenagers' instead of 'twens'. 

It triggered a musical explosion and exploration that was unmatched.  That revolution, reflecting sentiments among the unruly young, lasted till the end of the decade, after which those who started it, the Fab Four from Liverpool, split. 

That too was a tremendous and highly symbolic decision. 

Afterwards, the heritage they and their age left, only was recycled.

Impossible not to think about the golden sixties as a most unique period in (art and political) history.

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56-60, M
Feb 7, 2010