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January is my first name and not because I was born in January. It is because I was conceived in January. I love being unique and even through all the slack I have been given all my life I wouldn't want another name not ever.x

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7 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Lol, 2 cute. Thanks for the compliment.x

Bless, i know I am one of the most beautiful women you have ever x

I bet you would. lol x

I'm a Ast Manger and Server.x

Lets see I had quite a laugh when last week when a customer said its not January its Feb and I turned around and said no its March because it was the 1st. The wife turned and said thats her name and he said your ******* me. I said no its my stage name. lol x

Yep and I am a red head. So I grew up the ugly ducking and now I am a swan so thats an added bounus. lol x

Bless, Yes but don't want it to get to common. I like havinga uncommon name.x