A Beautiful Experience In A Metro

A Beautiful Experience in a Metro


Recently I was in a metro, it was crowded and I had to travel from North campus to green park south Delhi I could not get a seat

It was the next stop from where   these females had boarded the metro; they all were in the age group of between 20s to 30s. And every one was in sari  they were coming from some function.  Fortunately they had worn the sari in glamour’s style below the navel as I like it. they started adjusting in the crowd one on them stood in front of me To my  delight metro was crowded so much that her bums were touching my  groin and  I had a full erection instantly couldn`t help it . One of my hands was holding the bar above the other hand which was free was in my pockets came out and started exploring the sexy female in front of me. She was about 5 feet and 5 inches tall with full curves she had a figure to be proud of 36 bust,   28 waist and a bottom of 40 with a round bums and fair completion with a face of an angel .First my hand touched her like as if accidently on her waist instantly she looked at the person behind her and she was looking straight in my eyes.  Here I would like to tell u about me I look like a decent and innocent  gye generally,  she  felt safe  and it made me bolder to go further ahead in my  expedition  slowly my hand traveled  from her bare waist to her navel  she again looked at me but  without reacting she stood silently as if to see how further I can go it was the softest and smoothest  skin I had ever felt. My hand slowly travelled towards her belly there was a depression in that area and suddenly my small finger went inside her deep navel it was heavenly I could feel her body shiver for a moment but I did not move my hand from there. Next stop and more people came in to increase the crowd she was pressed  to me more .My  hand  was still on her belly and I was exploring the navel with now my two finger inside her deep navel  .  As I was so close by just leaning a bit her silky and shining black hair touched my nose it was like I was in a valley of flowers so good fragrance that I was totally in a dream land my erection was at its full length and it was resting in her bums crack and slow rethemic movement made situation more worst her chiffon sari fabric was very thin and silky and I was in official trousers. Then it happened what no one could have expected nor I did, she moved her face towards me and I saw her eyes closed she whispered near my ear   `` what r u doing `` in almost dreamy voice. For a brief moment I was silent than I whispered back, you are beautiful and sexy too, I am sorry…….my hand started travelling down on the abdomen , it was on the edge now where the sari was tucked in and with just a brief hesitation it went inside her sari and my hand was feeling the most intimate part of the female anatomy from her silky panties she was wet  …and  I was in haven  I started rubbing my fingers on her most intimate part of the body her pubics, she again whispered don’t stop  and started moaning ,  I was now looking around if anyone noticed , no one  did. Suddenly she shuddered and grabbed my hand tight now she was dripping like a tap on my fingers simultaneously I was also shooting my *** ………………..to be contd…
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wwaooow I love To Make Girls Like same