A New Being

I hear the noise of the water falling from a tap on some stones
And I remember the strength that goes out from there
The one from my waterfall, which even being so gentle it manages to be so strong.
It molds the stones, even the hard ones
Spite of the facades and some tough days, the water gets through
Turning these same stones into another stones
Shining new „gems“, and seeing myself on the glance
Realizing what the time has been teaching me
Although not wanting to live without having „it“
I insist in not stopping living with „it“
Following my path, cleaning the stones of life
Watering the new flowers, new gardens
Because I know that each day...
I love the new me
A new being
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8 Responses Nov 12, 2011

Water seems to be a trend throughout the stories you write. <br />
It is both the powerful destructive force that destroys everything in its wake during hurricanes, etc.<br />
Water can also slowly transform nature over millions of years to create canyons and plateaus. Water has shaped every view we have on earth.<br />
Water is also the substance of life. No living existence is possible without it.<br />
Water is a lot like love

I don't care i would still last longer than you if i tried really hard!

what?! why do you do that?! you are crazy!!!!

did you really take a freezing cold shower? you being honest? Note to self, never bet with you who can last in a cold shower longer...

I think you are the one who needs a cold shower princess.

I don't want a freezing cold shower though!

i am stronger than a waterfall! rawr!

You are in blossom every day Princess :)