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  Mike this might be good for your crew .

I have been doing these for 20 years ..


I am the owner and author of "American Treasure Hunt  " my show has many similar aspects as your " American Pickers"

My show has a copyright and is registered with the WGA

I would like to speak to the producers of American Pickers  Their are many things that our show's have in common and might be suitable for each other


I am adding a file with the synopsis of my show to this email so that they may be able to read it and contact me..

Thank You Anthony Stoisich


Author: Anthony Stoisich

Genre: Reality Series

Title: “American Treasure Hunt”

Logline: Join a team of bargain hunters as they explore the underground world of storage space auctions. “Antiques Roadshow” meets “Mythbusters” and “Pawn Stars” as the experts attempt to uncover hidden treasure in a profession ruled by chance.



Our host is a down to earth, Mike Rowe like character. He explains that storage space auctions are an exciting opportunity for additional income or a new hobby. Public storage space auction listings can be found in the legal section of any newspaper, thousands of them occur every day. A space is auctioned when the renter defaults under the terms of their lease. If not resolved by auction day, the entire contents are up for grabs. The winner is responsible for clearing the room out completely within 48 hours. The rooms could contain anything, from worthless knick-knacks to valuable collectibles and priceless works of art. As a charitable gesture, all proceeds from items sold on the show will be used to reimburse the former room owners, and all personal items will be returned. The location and a brief description of today's auction are revealed.


We follow our main team members, a couple with strong yet endearing personalities. They travel to the auction and express their excitement and expectations. They arrive, survey the scene, and interact with the other regulars. Basic rules of public lien auctions are explained in voice over. No one is allowed to set foot into the rooms; they are only allowed to peer in with flashlights. The rooms are inspected, and the team speculates on their value and worthiness. The couple's differing opinions and desires create comedic banter and suspense as their need to make a quick decision looms. One room may have mysterious boxes that we are convinced are filled with collectibles, while our female lead eyes what looks like a nice piece of furniture. A decision is made as they compete in a fast paced battle of bids. A room is won and paid for. The team celebrates victory over their bidding rivals. Their rough estimate of the room’s total worth is shown on screen.


The lights come on inside the room, revealing its true contents. The couple explores the contents and their speculation is shown to be fact or fiction. They sort the treasure from the trash, reacting with excitement or disappointment. Any personal items are set aside. Now that they’ve seen the actual contents, they revise their estimate of the room’s total worth.


A crew lead by an energetic young woman arranges the worthwhile items at the team’s headquarters. Item listings are created on ebay and craigslist, items are sold at tag sales, etc. Guest expert appraisers are consulted. They weigh in on the rarest and most interesting items, making predictions of their value.


We revisit our host as he weighs in on the team's progress. He asks the team a few questions and has them make a final estimate of the room's total worth. Viewers are asked to test their expertise with their own estimate. An additional challenge is presented to the audience as the host invites them to guess the value of an interesting item. The answer may be revealed during the show, or on a corresponding website. A contest in which viewers submit answers via text for a chance to win prizes may be utilized.


Personal items such as photographs, documents, and irreplaceable family heirlooms will be personally returned to the former room owner by the team. The results are emotional and heartwarming as the owners express their gratitude.


Our host joins the team at the headquarters to reveal the actual worth of the interesting items the experts had previous speculated on. The dollar amounts are visually added to the room’s total worth. Appraisers are shamed or validated by the accuracy of their predictions. The team expresses their satisfaction or surprise at upsets. The room's total worth is revealed and compared with the amount spent. We finish with a closing statement by our host about the nature of chance.


The main team members (the couple) may be replaced with contestants who are given a bidding budget and keep the proceeds of the sale. The show’s structure remains the same, but they are attempting to choose the best room in order to win the most money. Bonuses for correctly estimating the room’s value increase the stakes, creating excitement and suspense.

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