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i was a new york yankees fan since the time of my birth.  i have seen them through the good, the bad, the really bad, the horrendous, the good, the wonderful, the once again not good, and the once again awful.  but i have to say, i'm through.  geoerge steinbrenner, i am hereby breaking up with you.  youve broken my heart, first by building a shiny new exclusive stadium and then by only offering me seats behind the foul pole for my partial ticket plan.  ****  you george steinbrenner.  **** you REALLY hard.  i watched dave reghetti's no-hitter last night and i noticed that while the game was on july fourth NOBODY was in the stands.  you know who attended the games that year?  ME.  you know who came to games EVERY year before the yankees won the 1996 world series????  ME!  you know who waited outside yankee stadium at 3:00AM in 1998 to purchase world series tickets before the advent of stub-hub and "presale authorization codes"????  ME!!!!!  yet you only deem it appropriate to sell your decent tickets to people who don't give a flying **** about baseball-- the people who for a mere $8,000 upfront payment can double their investment and sell their tickets on the internet.  to those of us who do NOT have $8,000 to put up front we are effectively f*cked.  and **** us.  you know how many of your watery *** NINE F*CKING DOLLAR miller lites i've purchased in the past 12 years that i've been old enough to drink at the stadium?????  do you even care????  well, you've lost a fan, a customer, a friend.  i'm officially an atlanta braves fan now.  i will not be watching a single game on YES this year (OR a crappy saturday joe buck game-- GREAT choice by the way to commission 12 of your games to FOX, the sh*ttiest network on the planet with the worst announcers ever).  and i have to add michael gay, i mean kay, is an annoying tool box.  you should send him and his pal al leiter to work for the new york mets.





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1 Response Mar 27, 2009

Yeah that sucks. Sports sucks anymore when you cant even go to the freaking games cause its too high.<br />
Looks like baseball and football will have to take huge cuts in their salary anymore. Huh? NOBODY THERE.