What Beauty!

Every night before I lay down to try and get some rest I go outside to smoke a cigarette.

Yes, bad habit yes I know. I also know I need to quit. But hey I went from 2 packs to only about five cigarettes a day :)

Anyways, when I am outside I look up at the sky. Almost every night I can see all of the stars. Just about every constellation can be seen. Not really sure why but I have always felt peace when escaping to the stars. Thoughts of wonder are created. Being able to actually see the Milky Way is so incredible!

I highly suggest a trip to the Kennedy Space Center as well. It is pure heaven for the night sky lovers. They also have some really great items to buy. Many years ago when I went I had bought a 3-D moon that changed phases and had a remote. Totally space nerd for saying this but the moon was freaking awesome! :-D

My mom told me that ever since I was little I have been fascinated with planets, galaxies, and stars. Her telling me that made sense when I remembered that the first job I ever wanted to do was fly to the moon.

Being able to fly to the moon always made me question the saying "the sky is the limit"
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You are romantic...Good for you